Marc Bahoury

Marc T. Bahoury

Started his Sports & Fitness career as a side business for 2 years alongside his pharmaceuticals' journey, till he discovered that this was what he truly wanted to pursue for the rest of his life. Then he actually took the step of following what he enjoys doing & giving up his pharmacy degree, at least for the time being.

Marc, was always into sports at a really young age, specially since he grew up around his brothers and family members who had a big tendency of gaining weight easily, fat-cells run around every corner of his family.

In his earlier days, Marc was the Water Polo Team Leader, followed by Track & Field during high school and university years. He is now a Crossfit L-2 Trainer, Certified ISSA General Fitness & Personal Trainer,  He's the Founder & the Head Coach at his Fitness Entity named IDEA Egypt for the past 2 years. 

"I believe in the fit lifestyle & strive to show people the benefits of maintaining one, rather than the short term transformations people tend to look for or follow." - Marc Bahoury